Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another CAM4 sissy slut

There are so many of them.......this is another sissy who just loves showing off on CAM4 .   I missed her squirting though , so this video is just her playing with her clitty.

I have many more of her, so if any of u gurls want to see them , maybe we could hook up on Yahoo ?
And can you guess what my Yahoo ID is ???  yes....sissybarbiedoll .

I posted another video of one of my gurlfriends squirting on mi other blog .   Its v horni .   Worth looking at we all thought ( there was about 70 people watching her squirt ) .   Its just the BEST practice for being a porn star , or even if you are just like me , and exhibitionist sissy crossdresser .

xxx , barbie



she is one of the sissy gurls on CAM4 .

Confessions of a Gloryhole Sissy

I have to confess , I am not 16 .  16 is the age of consent here where I live, and I just have this wish to be a 16 year old schoolgurl / schoolgirl .   I am not 26 , and I am not 36.........I am 46 .

But I am shaved .  And I do luv to dress .  But right now, all I have is some gstrings and panties .  My last heels were thrown away after much use.  I would LOVE to buy more clothes, and toys.   But I dont have enough income right now.

Not enough income.  This is also the reason I have not gone to full pre op .  You have all been so supportive, and friendly , that I thought I should put this post in.  I will have more clothes, and I will have more toys , and when I can, I may go full pre op. I am pretty happi how I am in the meantime.....except.....

I am now need to walk a lot , and tone up .  I was on cam at CAM4 yesterday , and.....well......nothing was said, but I looked at all the other sissy gurls , and they were just ......THIN !

Here is a video clip of one of my sissy slut gurlfriends having Playtime....

Isnt she such a good gurl ???   I hope you all have wet dreams about her ( and me ) .

XXX  Love ,   Barbie

Thursday, February 24, 2011


HELP.....I think its going to come out my mouth !

oooo FUCK ME BABY.....

I think he wants to knock me up.....


OOooooh Fuck Yes !


And just because this sissy gurl LOVES Big Black Cock.

XXX  wetcumkisses,     Me

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


She posted this .  I think it was a competition to see who could post the horniest clip .  I saw this , and know the rest....i just LOVE HANDS FREE .

Like most sissies who go full pre op , she has started her own website, and has removed this clip from Xtube.  I miss my sister ! ! !   It was great watching her Strut Her Stuff .  Inspirational to a rookie Xtuber like me back then.  And I know what she does, and how she does this.......I mean , I get that horni sometimes too.....but it takes HOURS ! ( for me .....will do a poll on this......giggles )

Monday, February 21, 2011 is ME

Hiiii !    Well, I have just posted a clip of me on my other blog , and I thought it would be nice to have a different clip of me on this blog.  I am not really dressed up, just panties, and I am playing with my clit for one of my gurlfriends .  I am watching her , and like...we try to squirt at the same time.....giggles.....its like long distance mistresses I guess.  So here is the link.....

Barbie plays with her clit and squirts     <<<=== click here gurls

I know I have to buy some more girls clothes....( sigh ) .....I mean, I REALLY want heels ...well, new ones, cos the one I have are.....ummm....the wrong size .  And of course suspenders and fishnets and THINGS !
I have worn out a few dildos , but I promise to buy a new one just for you gurls.   Its time I made a new video clip ....giggle....I could use some help......any volunteers ?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

How I Give Head

I love sucking cock.   I love spanking a cock onto my tongue .  I look him in the eye , and I smile.

I ask if its OK to suck his balls.

It is so that you can get him really horni .  Also , it makes him last longer .  But first , I like to pop the head of his cock while I am sucking gently on it .   This is just to tease him .   While I do this, I look him in the eye , and smile.

Not all boys are comfortable having their balls sucked.  You might want to gently lick them , and gently suck them.   But the idea is to get them in your mouth .  This will not hurt him at all if you are GENTLE , and it will mean that he will not squirt until his balls have risen back up underneath his Big Hard Cock.
I like to look him in the eye and smile , and ask him if its OK .  Then , I like to spit on his this....

This lets him know I am almost ready to be fucked .  But, I like to do more sucking , and popping , so that more ball sucking might be a good idea, and then I spit on his cock some more.......and on it goes ( giggle )

He will fuck me when he is ready ! ! !  And if he is enjoying head like he has never had before, then hopefully he will be in no hurry .

I am betting that this cock Fills Her Up . I will start a poll to see what you gurls think .   I have a feeling she will be IMPALED.

Ball Slap is compulsory .  It makes him squirt harder .  I think his balls will slap her hard. , dont you ???  And this is one of the nice things about ball sucking........his balls will slap you better for longer.

And this is always a desired result .